Ethan, a YouTube star with 6 million followers, visited SolaDitigal Foundation headquarters and was warmly received
SolaRoad, which is recently taking the global AI scene by storm, is receiving global media coverage due to its groundbreaking supercomputing system and huge resource backing. Recently, Ethan, a Youtube star with 6 million followers, visited...
03-23 22:00     Primitive     8209 Reading
SolaRoad creates AI supercomputing supply platform to share the dividends of computing power era with global users
We were wise enough to put our whole company behind GPU development, we foresaw early on that it could change everything, and every chip we produce is focused on artificial intelligence, which is the essence of all Nvidia technology, - Nvidi...
03-14 19:25     Primitive     7245 Reading
Dialogue with the market, comprehensive layout, GODE was invited to attend SCALE 20x
The GODE team will participate in SCALE 20x, the Southern California Linux Expo, to communicate and learn from blockchain teams around the world. The GODE team is proud to announce that they will be invited to SCALE 20x, also known as the So...
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SolaRoad distributed supercomputing public chain , opening a new era of AI computing power industry
Since the third industrial revolution, computing power has become more and more inseparable from peoples lives. Today, computing power is becoming an essential infrastructure like water and electricity . Especially in the past three years, t...
03-11 19:22     Primitive     6632 Reading
The king of computing power, set sail with glory Brain AI Distributed AI Computing Power Network Officially Launched on March 9
At present, the computing power trend is coming . When many people are still lamenting that they have missed a great investment opportunity, the Brain AI team has a keen insight into the new blue ocean of business , focusing on the research...
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GODE CHAIN 100-city road show opens a glorious new chapter in 2023
It is reported that with the mission of GODE CHAIN to seek the maximum value of WEB3.0 era, and strive to build the ecological value vision of GODE strong consensus economic community, led by DAO organization, the 100 largest communities aro...
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Flash News
Global AI supercomputing supply platform supercomputing public chain SolaRoad will be launched soon
Hotcoin Will Open BTG Trading at 8:13 (GMT+8) on Mar.11th
15:00, supported by Gridex technology, has seen US $40 million transactions within 72 hours since its launch
NFTGAMER appoints Samuel as the new CEO
Hotcoin will launch SHIBKING trading at 14:00 on January 24
The future farm will officially go online with the first ecology
Future Farm will be officially launched worldwide
Hotcoin will launch ETM trading at 15:00 on 17th of December
The DEFI sector will become an important part of the Gulfstream
Hotcoin Will Open BFC Trading at 15:00(GMT+8) on Nov.11th