Bayesian (BAYE) officially launched on the Coinhome exchange with great fanfare
2023-02-18 16:32:25 Primitive Reading

 The Bayesian Super AI Computing Center aims to provide adequate computing power for Web 3.0 ecosystem applications. It has demonstrated its capabilities in the corporation of Web 3.0 technology and traditional financial systems. It has been widely recognized and favored by the global consensus on its launch on the Coinhome exchange, with a threefold increase in value.

The Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform was granted compliance qualifications in the United States in 2019, certificated as the California Institute of Artificial Intelligence Inc. The Bayesian Foundation has since established a presence in El Salvador, extending its reach to the global arena.
Bayesian is a global AI supercomputing platform based on the Bayesian decentralized computing network protocol (BDCP). It provides a new mechanism of decentralized computing network, computing direction data model, distributed AI machine intelligent learning, and protects user data ownership for governments, hospitals, schools, banks, large-scale supercomputing centers, research institutions, technology groups, e-commerce companies, and Internet social platforms worldwide through AI+ blockchain+ distributed storage, providing computing infrastructure for WEB3.0 services.

The platform token of Bayesian is BAYE, with a total issuance of 31.415926 billion (sourced from the mathematical constant pi). Through the Bayesian deflation model, it is deflated annually to 10%, or 314.15926 million.

BAYE is the token of the Bayesian platform that serves as an economic incentive system that promotes value payments, value exchanges, and ecosystem construction. As a functional reward for Bayesian, it is used for computing power and distributed storage rewards for the entire AI supercomputing platform. It can promote the optimization of Bayesian's supercomputing system network and the development of the AI supercomputing ecosystem.

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The launch of Bayesian (BAYE) AI supercomputing on the Coinhome exchange is a powerful signal that its technology can be widely recognized and applied and enter a more international market field. The launch greatly expands the ecological application field of BAYE in AI supercomputing for Web 3.0.

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