GIIIO leads the new wave of metaverse development to build a decentralized metaverse ecological platform
2022-05-27 18:47:36 Primitive Reading

 What kind of essential needs can the human ideal Metaverse finally achieve?Perhaps people have different needs for freedom and the future, and they have different ideas about the answers, but it is certain that the Metaverse will surpass reality in a higher dimension in the future, not only to achieve a breakthrough in the limitations of physical space and time, but also to combine future science fiction, and to achieve an ecosystem of all-round intersection of production and life in a "post human society",The decentralized Metaverse ecological platform built by giiio, which integrates dex+nft+socialfi+gamefi, is committed to becoming a pioneer in the fields of Metaverse and gamefi.

As an extremely open, complex and huge system, giiio covers the entire network space, as well as many hardware devices and real conditions. It is a super large-scale digital application ecosystem jointly built by multiple types of builders. In giiio's decentralized Metaverse ecological aggregation service platform, there are five product technology changes:

GiiiO Swap
GiiiOswap DeFi refers to the aggregation of a series of financial services, such as transactions, loans, borrowings, payments, business data encryption, etc. These services operate in the form of blockchain networks and smart contracts with the help of a decentralized infrastructure.Our mission is to accelerate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies so that you can trade freely with the world.

GiiiO NFT is an ecosystem for players and creators where you can play, create, collect, earn, govern and own anything in the game.NFT holders can participate in the governance of the platform through Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions in the GiiiO ecosystem. As a player, you can create digital identities (non-fungible tokens, aka NFT), upload them to the marketplace, and then drag and drop them through GiiiO for gaming experience.

GiiiO Socialfi
GiiiO Socialfi will build the world's first Web3.0 project focusing on the social metaverse by using social platforms as ecological infrastructure and integrating encryption-related elements such as NFT malls, DeFi platforms, and virtualized NFT, it is committed to creating a diversified SocialFi ecosystem.

GiiiO Gamefi
GiiiO is a community-driven GameFi platform that boosts players’ engagement and entertainment through $GOC distribution. GiiiO uses a revolutionary token economic system, which combines the advantages of DeFi and NFT, and uses financial mechanisms and game systems to empower players, creating a truly unique and lasting free-to-play, easy-to-earn ecosystem.

NFT holders can participate in the governance of the platform through an Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions in the GiiiO ecosystem.

At present, the development wave of Metaverse has attracted the attention of all walks of life around the world. It is regarded as a potential form of Internet evolution in the future, or it will trigger a new round of industrial competition and reshuffle around the world. In the future, giiio will subversively improve users' understanding of the Metaverse, promote a new wave of development progress of the Metaverse, and bring a broader imagination space to the entire ecological network.

Disclaimer: This specification is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. Amazon Finance assumes no responsibility for any errors contained herein.

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