Starfield Global Roadshow in London, UK Successfully Held, Starfield Nodes Recruiting Worldwide
2022-05-29 12:06:53 Primitive Reading

 On May 28th local time, EB Global & Starfield Global Strategy Roadshow UK was successfully held, this roadshow invited four CEOs of EB Global Asia Pacific, Americas, Oceania, Africa and John Wain, Starfield Global Operations Officer to participate.

At the roadshow, Calvin, the CEO of EB Global Europe UK, said "The arrival of the metaverse era has given us new expectations for the future. With the metaverse as the background, Starfield builds a metaverse multi-chain ecological digital space station, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality, allowing more people to get the opportunity to explore the universe, and interconnecting our world with the metaverse, which will create huge economic and social value. After this roadshow tour, Starfield UK will be officially launched, and we hope we can build EB Global & Starfield UK together with everyone, and build our own Starfield space together."

Afterwards, representatives from all EB global continents made conference speeches. John Wain, Starfield's Global Operations Officer, said that Starfield will start a worldwide roadshow tour next, and will hold Starlink space roadshows in countries around the world, such as Dubai, Tokyo, France, USA, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., and make every effort to promote the development of the Starfield program and empower the development of Starfield.

Jordon, CEO of EB Global Americas Canada, said, "We have brought together a large group of Starfield volunteers, called Starfield Citizens, to discuss the development of Starfield and contribute to the development of Starfield together. Starfield and create a more free and open Starfield space together."

"The Starfield program gives each of us the opportunity to enter the cosmic space and experience the mystery of the universe through the metaverse. EB Global is an open and win-win platform, and we hope more quality projects like Starfield will join us to open the era of metaverse together, and with EB Global, Starfield will also usher in a brand new development opportunity." Jeffrey, the CEO of EB Global Asia Pacific Singapore, said at the conference.

Finally, John Wain, Starfield's Global Operations Officer, gave a brief introduction to the current advancement of the Starfield Project: "The Starfield Project was launched by Mr. Tom Mueller in 2020 to build a digital space station with a multi-chain ecology against the backdrop of the metaverse, so that more people can enter the metaverse space to experience the mysteries of the universe.
Up to now, we have made great progress, not only gaining investment from international capital, but also winning the support of many communities around the world. In the near future, we will conduct a global strategic roadshow tour, with the UK as our first stop. We will then conduct strategic roadshows in central cities in four continents: Asia Pacific, the Americas, Oceania and Africa, so that more people around the world can learn about us, join us, and become new citizens and potential values of Starfield.
At the same time, we have launched the recruitment program of Starfield Nodes simultaneously in the world, we will recruit 1000 Starfield Nodes in the world to build Starfield space with us, Starfield Nodes will be able to build their own Starfield applications and enjoy 200,000 STFT rewards and 2 Starfield NFT incentives. We welcome more quality platforms like EB Global to join our Starfield and build an open and free Starfield space together."

It is reported that the Starfield DAPP will also be launched in the near future, when we will be able to get the NFT credential Starfield NFT that leads to Starfield space through blind boxes and other play, and can enjoy the benefits brought by Starfield NFT. Join the Starfield program and build Starfield space together, so that our world and the metaverse can achieve true interconnection.

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