SolaRoad creates AI supercomputing supply platform to share the dividends of computing power era with global users
2023-03-14 19:25:51 Primitive Reading

 "We were wise enough to put our whole company behind GPU development, we foresaw early on that it could change everything, and every chip we produce is focused on artificial intelligence, which is the essence of all Nvidia technology," - Nvidia CEO - Jen-Hsun Huang
Currently, arithmetic is changing the scientific innovation model and becoming a key productivity for social development. Arithmetic power can be divided into general-purpose arithmetic power, supercomputing arithmetic power, and intelligent arithmetic power. Among them, general-purpose arithmetic is the arithmetic power provided by servers composed of CPU-based chips. It includes the computing provided by common data centers and cloud service centers. Supercomputing arithmetic power is the arithmetic power provided by supercomputers, usually with high-performance CPUs, sometimes coupled with some dedicated hardware processors, hybrid architecture. It is more focused on double floating point general-purpose computing capability, the pursuit of accurate numerical calculations. Intelligent arithmetic power is mainly provided by the accelerated computing platform based on GPU as the representative of AI smart chip, which is mainly used for training and reasoning of artificial intelligence. It focuses on diverse computing power of half-precision or single-precision floating point.

Arithmetic is productivity, especially the new power of AI era, arithmetic is national power, is the new energy of digital era, massive computing becomes the new demand and strategic reserve. aigc, meta-universe, driverless, smart city, smart transportation, life medicine, climate prediction, all cannot be separated from super arithmetic. For every 1% increase in arithmetic power, a country's digital economy and GDP grow by 3.3% and 1.8% respectively. For every $1 invested in the arithmetic power industry, it will bring $4 in revenue, and the stronger the arithmetic power, the more revenue you will have. The era of digital economy has arrived, and the market of arithmetic power has a market size of $2 trillion in 2023 alone. The more arithmetic power you have, the more you have absolute wealth.

Just as electricity has crossed over from various power generation categories such as hydropower and thermal power to a unified service power network, the arithmetic network is an inevitable trend in the development of arithmetic infrastructure. In a few years, arithmetic will be just like today's electricity network, and users can use arithmetic as easily as electricity.

In order to promote the realization of this vision, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Singapore OSL SG Pte Limited, Stanislaw, Mr. Edward and a number of investment institutions in Singapore jointly established Sola Digital Foundation, will be through the digital asset compliance path for global users to open arithmetic investment, holding Singapore PAS digital photo, under the supervision of the completion of business expansion and exponential rise, Sola Digital Foundation through SolaRoad arithmetic investment platform will be the user digital assets investment, will be used for more regions around the world supercomputing center arithmetic procurement, through the arithmetic lease to obtain a higher return on investment. At the same time, it makes it easier for users to participate in the most competitive industries in the future and enjoy the arithmetic power leasing and high income dividends from the Foundation.

It is reported that Hewlett Packard Enterprise, located in Spring, Texas, USA, became independent in 2015 as HP's enterprise data products division, and its main business is to purchase application-level effective arithmetic through the global arithmetic information network, provide stable cloud and server arithmetic leasing services for large enterprises and AIGC end-users, and through SG Enterprise Arithmetic Scheduling Center to bring users arithmetic links, information protection, data analysis and operational application development. AI, as well as multiple governments and organizations.

As the world's first supercomputing public chain built on the HPOS consensus mechanism, SolaRoad accelerates civilization and the times, focusing on creating an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem, as well as a new business attempt under the chaotic economic system. Supercomputing power, as a new energy source in the digital economy era, will provide Ai AI, Smart Internet, Metaverse and other industries with the most advanced productivity.

SolaRoad is a global data center infrastructure supply service provider, whose business covers IDC data center, data security, cloud computing, DNS & CDN, system R&D, etc. SolaRoad supercomputing public chain will provide multi-centralized supercomputing computing power leasing service for clients, Web3 organizations and enterprise users, and build a supercomputing cluster with SOLA-G7 computing power through the blockchain on-chain model. The supercomputing cluster with SOLA-G7 server as the cornerstone will mainly build a decentralized digital intelligence fusion AI computing power system to serve global AI enterprises and digital economy enterprises. 

SolaRoad's vision is to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network, which can achieve exponential scale growth of current supercomputing center clusters more efficiently through distributed computing clusters and Ai AI engines, thus reducing computing costs and increasing commercialization value.

SolaRoad will deploy global supercomputing service centers to achieve threshold optimization and further commercialization of computing resources. First, the pricing of computing resources will be optimized. Different pricing policies will be developed by considering different computing task types, scales and usage times. Provide multiple billing methods, such as on-demand billing and prepayment, so that users can choose the most suitable billing method according to their needs; second, lower the threshold for using computing resources. Provide user-friendly interface and operation guide, and provide users with functions such as scheduling, monitoring and management of arithmetic resources so that users can easily use arithmetic resources; third, data security and privacy protection. During the commercialization process, security measures, such as data encryption and identity verification, are taken to guarantee the security and privacy of user data.

SolaRoad provides efficient, reliable and secure computing resource sharing for global users and a powerful arithmetic engine for AICG. SolaRoad deeply integrates big data technology, artificial intelligence technology, 5G instance testing and application, and provides supercomputing services with its own computer and server clusters.

At present, SolaRoad has established AI supercomputing service centers in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand in Asia, and will gradually establish supercomputing service centers in North America and Europe in the future, leading the way with a point and radiating the world, planning to build supercomputing service clusters in 20 countries around the world within 2 years to help promote the development of new production methods and landing applications for artificial intelligence.

In the future, arithmetic represents the future and arithmetic represents wealth. As the world's first supercomputing public chain built on HPOS consensus mechanism, SolaRoad will link global arithmetic and join hands with every user to share the dividends of the arithmetic era, SolaRoad, together with you, will create and change the power of the world together!

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