SolaRoad distributed supercomputing public chain , opening a new era of AI computing power industry
2023-03-11 19:22:35 Primitive Reading

 Since the third industrial revolution, computing power has become more and more inseparable from people's lives.
Today, computing power is becoming an essential infrastructure like water and electricity . Especially in the past three years, the epidemic has accelerated the development of industrial digitization, which has further enhanced the importance of computing power for social operations.
As a new type of productivity, computing power is an important "base" to support the vigorous development of the digital economy, and a new engine to activate the potential of data elements, drive the digital transformation of the economy and society, and promote the construction of the digital economy .
In 1961, "the father of artificial intelligence" John McCarthy proposed the goal of Utility Computing. He argued: "One day computing may be organized as a public utility in the same way that the telephone system is a public utility".
Today, his vision has become a reality. Under the digital wave, computing power has become a public basic resource like water and electricity, and data centers and communication networks have also become important public infrastructure. This is the result of more than half a century of hard work in the IT industry and the communication industry.
For the entire human society, computing power is no longer a concept of technical dimension , it has risen to the dimension of economics and philosophy, and has become the core productivity in the digital economy era and the cornerstone of the digital intelligence transformation of the whole society. The life of each of us, as well as the operation of factories and enterprises, and the operation of government departments, are inseparable from computing power. In key fields such as national security, national defense construction, and basic scientific research, we also need massive computing power.
Computing power determines the speed of digital economy development and the height of social intelligence development.
According to IDC data, for every 1 point increase in computing power index, the digital economy and GDP will grow by 3.5‰ and 1.8‰ respectively. The scale of computing power and the level of economic development of countries around the world have shown a significant positive correlation. The larger the scale of a country's computing power, the higher the level of economic development.
In the future society, informatization, digitization and intelligence will be further accelerated. The advent of the era of the Internet of Things, the introduction of a large number of smart IoT terminals, and the implementation of AI smart scenarios will generate unimaginable massive amounts of data , which will further stimulate the demand for computing power. According to the forecast of relevant institutions , by 2025, the scale of global computing power will reach 6.8 ZFLOPS, an increase of 30 times compared with 2021 .
Currently, the global computing industry is entering a golden age. According to IDC's forecast, the global computing industry investment space is expected to reach 1.14 trillion US dollars by 2023. In the future, the Intelligent Computing Center will carry out construction around the three principles of open standards, intensive efficiency, and inclusiveness, and present three main trends: a more open and diverse architecture and standard system; infrastructure and integration of computing power and algorithms to make services more efficient; to establish a supercomputing ecosystem to make supercomputing centers more useful.
A new round of computing power revolution is accelerating.
The goal of SolaRoad is to build the world's largest distributed supercomputing public chain ecology , laying a solid foundation for AI computing power for another industrial revolution in human society and a leap in civilization.
At present, the improvement of computing performance faces challenges from multiple dimensions, and the development of computing power has entered a bottleneck period. From the perspective of hardware, as the silicon-based chip manufacturing process is approaching the limit, the problems of "memory wall" and "power consumption wall" have become prominent, and the performance of computing platforms such as CPUs and GPUs has been weak, and Moore's Law is gradually failing. From the perspective of the network level, the ability of computing power nodes to flexibly and efficiently allocate computing resources through the network is still insufficient, the loss and overhead of data transmission are too large, and computing power resources cannot be effectively utilized. From the perspective of cost performance, the investment in hardware and software related to computing power is not directly proportional to the return. The computing field urgently needs a cost-effective solution that continues Moore's Law.
In order to solve the above problems and break the computing power crisis, SolaRoad SolaRoad adopts the model of "on-chain consensus, off-chain computing". Among them, the computing nodes under the chain are not constrained by the consensus algorithm, and the computing power of multiple nodes can be combined through concurrent programming. Even in the face of heavy computing tasks of artificial intelligence, SolaRoad can provide it with a steady stream of computing power services.
▪︎ Low-latency artificial intelligence interaction
Theoretically, for developers, artificial intelligence pursues speed, which includes the training speed of the model, the reasoning speed of the model application, etc., eliminating the indiscriminate The heavy lifting of the task, constantly iterating rapidly. The interaction speed of artificial intelligence depends on the performance of the computing node device itself. SolaRoad uses the off-chain execution model to achieve millisecond-level request response. Therefore, through continuous iteration and training of SolaRoad technology, low-latency interaction can be achieved.
▪︎ Super Internet Accessible
When AI accesses the Internet, it plays an important role in data processing, management and structuring. Artificial intelligence tools simplify the absorption, modification and management of data, thereby effectively providing more comprehensive, intelligent and practical services for the Internet and users. And SolaRoad's core technology can access and access any Web2 and Web3 data and services through the built-in Internet. Moreover, SolaRoad's cross-chain technology connects multiple blockchain ecologies, even data and assets on different chains can communicate with each other, allowing artificial intelligence to complete easily accessible Internet services and respond to wider network requests.
distributed supercomputing network built by SolaRoad not only has the functions of traditional smart contracts, but the important thing is that "separation of consensus and computing" makes large-scale off-chain computing, off-chain data requests and real-time responses a reality, and can carry high-speed data on a large scale . Density, low latency, real-time interaction, off-chain interconnection and other application scenarios provide a solid infrastructure base for the development of artificial intelligence technology.
SolaRoad 's team members have different professional backgrounds. The R&D team is composed of experts, professors and doctors from different fields such as blockchain, Internet, distributed computing power network, cryptography, etc. The great prospect of blockchain decentralization The vision of improving the performance of the computing power network will bring them together to provide support and guarantee for the continuation of human civilization.
Computing power is the carrier of multi-field and multi-technology integration, and human pursuit of computing power is endless. In the future, with the continuous development of SolaRoad technology, computing performance and energy efficiency will usher in new breakthroughs, and the computing power system will undergo subversive changes. With the support of SolaRoad technology, more intelligent and intelligent applications will emerge, and green, low-carbon, open and open source computing power will also become an irreversible trend.
SolaRoad wants to use its own intelligent computing network to empower all walks of life , integrate with computing power naturally, improve productivity more efficiently, combine with blockchain, embrace the arrival of this new revolution, and jointly build a real district The world of block chain civilization.
In the future, SolaRoad will focus on promoting the computing power industry from the following aspects.
Building a global supercomputing network and an open Tinder ecosystem
SolaRoad will create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network. Through distributed computing power clusters and Ai artificial intelligence engines, the current supercomputing center clusters can achieve exponential growth in a more efficient manner. Thereby reducing computing costs and increasing commercial value.
To provide global users with efficient, reliable and secure computing resource sharing.
The SolaRoad supercomputing public chain ecology includes various participants such as nodes, miners, developers and applications. Using computers as public chain nodes, miners support network security and availability by providing computing resources. Developers create and publish applications, use the computing resources on the SolaRoad supercomputing public chain for computing and processing, and provide global users with an efficient, reliable and secure computing resource platform.
Providing solutions for artificial intelligence
With the advent of a new wave of artificial intelligence in the world and the large-scale application of AI, the SolaRoad infrastructure platform with "higher, faster, and stronger" capabilities is favored by enterprises. SolaRoad is suitable for the field of artificial intelligence (AICG), and can provide computing power services, data services and algorithm services required by artificial intelligence applications. Through the production, aggregation, scheduling and release of computing power, it can be used as a proprietary API or an open source checkpoint to provide up to tens of millions Or hundreds of millions of dollars of large-scale model training computing power to promote the development of the AI industry.
Provide a training solution for model algorithms
SolaRoad provides a one-stop solution for distributed training, integrates underlying technologies such as GPU topology awareness, affinity scheduling, and high-IO parallel file systems, supports multiple model training methods, is compatible with mainstream AI frameworks, and expands the customization industry The mainstream distributed training solution increases the amount of training data and shortens the model delivery cycle; provides a customized algorithm framework, adopts code generation and other methods, and provides rich built-in operators to simplify the steps of data set import, feature engineering processing, and pre-training model dependence. , to improve the efficiency of AI training and development; for training in a large model distributed environment, ZeRo and other technologies are used in memory optimization to break the gap between video memory and memory, and reduce the memory cost of training.
The new round of computing power revolution
led by SolaRoad is accelerating the launch of the future society, and informationization, digitization and intelligence will be further accelerated. With the advent of the era of the Internet of Everything, the introduction of a large number of smart IoT terminals, and the implementation of AI smart scenarios, unimaginable massive amounts of data will be generated, and these data will further stimulate the demand for AI computing power.
led by SolaRoad is accelerating , and the digital society will usher in profound changes . An era of "computing power becomes like water and electricity, one-point access, ready-to-use" is coming.

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